My Love for Knitting Started with My Love for Wool

Everyone's journey into knitting and knitwear design is unique, often beginning with the simple act of picking up needles. My own path started with a love for wool, the most incredible natural fiber.

As a long-time hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I've found wool to be a trusty companion. From merino base layers to cozy Norwegian sweaters, I've admired wool's versatility, weather resistance, and sustainability. To me, wool is nature's gift.

One day, while browsing Instagram, I stumbled upon Icelandic Lopapeysa sweaters. Seeing these beautiful hand-knit creations and recognizing the benefits of Icelandic sheep's wool, I almost bought one. Instead, I thought, "Why not make one myself?" Though I'd only ever knitted a couple of simple scarves, I was drawn to the challenge.

With the help of YouTube tutorials, I put together a sweater and found a passion for design. Already as I was working on my very first sweater, I was flooded with ideas for designs and an overwhelming desire to knit and design my own pieces. And the rest is history.

Years later, my principles as a knitwear designer have crystallized:

  • Quality: I'm dedicated to providing well-written, clear, professionally tech-edited, and visually appealing patterns for both beginners and experienced knitters.
  • Creativity: I'm driven by curiosity, exploring different yarns, techniques, and design narratives. I love conveying moods and imagery through my designs and photography.
  • Fiber Focus: My love for knitting and wool guides my fiber and yarn choices. While I explore and appreciate various natural materials, wool remains central to it all.
I truly enjoy learning about different sheep breeds, their wool's characteristics, and the stories behind the yarn. I love to work with materials from companies that support endangered and local heritage sheep breeds and emphasize sustainability and fair farmer pay.

    Wool is more than just a material; it represents a connection to nature and our heritage. Each breed's wool serves a unique purpose, from crafting warm clothing to providing innovative insulation solutions. My work often focuses on the yarn's characteristics, drawing from the sheep's wool itself and weaving the narratives they inspire.

    Frequently collaborating with those who share these values, I strive to celebrate and uplift this incredible natural fiber. Knitting becomes more than just a craft; it's a way to value and preserve tradition, linking us to both our environment and our past.

    I hope you will join me along this creative journey, as we explore the beauty of natural fibers and the joy of creating timeless pieces. 

    Happy knitting!